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29 May 2012 @ 11:17 am
like over a year ago i promised i would write this regularly...
i finish ASs TODAY(!!) & so i should be able to write more!

i have to go revise... ill speak soon hopefully, stuff has changed.. so yeah!
i miss my little journal(:
07 January 2012 @ 05:35 pm

hey i haven't posted since like..december. and it's now the start of january... not too bad, considering, haha.
i dont really know what to seay.

Happy New Year, i guess! :'D
my birthday is soon, jan 17th for anyone wondering.. (;


so im just gunna see how things have changed since i last posted/did this

1. Name:    
flora stuart
2. Birthday: january 17
3. Where do you live: West Midlands, England. (Warwickshire.)
4: What are you studying/What are you working as: i am studying for a levels
5. What makes you happy: food. music. (mainly christmassy music, + austin mahone......), harry potter. food.  alex constancio. internet. youtube. ustream,. sunshine. feeling good. clothes. so much stuff. christmas, ofc.

6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last: last listened to austin mahone urmm, singing 'so sick'. yeeeahhh, story of my life right here tbh hahaha.
7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ: ugh, it isn't the most.. idk sophisicated? lots of others have their's really nice but i can't do all the formatting and stuff. i want to change my font, and i NEED TO CHANGE MY FREAKIN USERNAME. urgh. 8. An interesting fact about you: um... not gunna lie, i have metal shit in my ankle. D; it'll be out soon though!! :D
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment: yeah...
10. Favorite place to be: at my computer desk! haha. may besad but true atm.
11. Favorite lyric: that's way too hard. one at the MOMENT probably 'gotta change my answering machine, now that i'm alone, cause right now it says that we, can't come to the phone..;' etc yeah long story.
12. Best time of the year: spring, or christmas-time, as it is now and i love it so much every year. (2010 beats ALL though, sorry.)
13. Weirdest food you like: haha, really can't think but there's probably something that a ton of people would find weird. is the fact that i like bakes beans with pasta - not with it , with it just on the side, they taste good haha, together--, weird?
14. Contact info/tumblr: www.twitter.cmo/warmsodawww.facebook.com/warmxsoda    faf.......... ..... www.warmsoda.tumblr.com ... 

1. A film: ca
2. A book: pretty little liars
3. A song: 'worldwide' by big time rush (IDEC!!!)
4: A band: the maine. or all time low. HARD Q!

1. Favorite Fandom: that's hard. il have to say harry potter.

2. OTP/OT3: jacob/bella.
3. Icon/Fic Journal: theair_thesun  

PLUS -- you fill this in ?
1. One thing you like about me:

2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?
music : justin bieber // under the mistletoe ALBUM. (iregretnothing)
i havent posted for like 2 weeks(?) and i come back and it's all changed! swear you couldn't change colour of text before, & other stuff...

Meme sort of thing i stole from various others. . . yeah, sorry about that. feel free to fill it in and comment, or something? dk how this works..

read moarCollapse )

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mood atm: indescribableindescribable
music : cars

...bc it's all i can think of at the moment.
living, breathing harry potter!
all i've been focusing on the past week and probs the whole of this week too will be HP haha.


now, just realised that this could be in a way a sort of depressing post!
but idc tbh rn...
now i have read all the books, and all the movies are finished and seen them, i am going to (well obvs the books,
as they finished a timee ago,) anyway, i am going to kinda nitpick the movies, lol.
i might edit this in the future/soon as i am going to watch DH pt2 for the second time later, so will have more of a
judgement on that (:
these books are, as i've heard and i think they are supposed to be, are apparently one of the most faithful adaptations
of books turned into films.
now, i'm not like... idk a film critic who compares movies and the original books down to a T but i don't know if i agree
with that.. also, i don't have that much of a clue how literal that is supposed to be.

19 July 2011 @ 05:37 pm



Writer's Block: No refunds  

What is your biggest regret? Did you learn from it or does it still plague you?

View 826 Answers

i suppose you could say.. and well. i think i have a lot of regrets..
i can't choose a biggest one. god that sounds lame/sad.

i suppose breaking my ankle back in april.
this is going to be a long and depressing answer..
straight up answer to the q, well.. both, really.
yes i've learnt from it, nearly 3 months later, but it still plagues me.
can it be both at the same time, lol?
i don't know how long it's going to be for it to stop getting to me, but i guess that's just the way i am.
i think of it as 'then' and 'now' and that's really depressing me and gets me down.
obviously, everythings getting heaps better., it just feels as if it will never get back to what it was..
it is probably one of the worst things to have happened to me; if not the worst.
i have learnt from in it ways that have made me, in a way, not as good as before, for example; even more risk free.
like, before, i hardly took any risks; now, im probably not going to take any.
and it's not healthy to do that.
hopefully, in a few weeks, or months things will have slotted back into place but atm i am just living every day really..

music : that should be me // justin bieber (no shame tbh)
18 July 2011 @ 12:09 pm
been excited for it but still remember i already know what happens, lol, because of the books. so in a way it's not whole excitement.. if that makes sense.
some dumbfucks seem to forget that the books are the realdeal -_- + i was bitter bc everyone was booking up the cinema and i knew they hadnt read the books. fuckers.
it saddens me that everyone just has not much interest for things considered 'boring' (reading) and they can get everything from movies and visuals. :/
where are people's imaginations going? ugh. they just have to rely on movies out, or they just won't bother, it seems.
either way i love the movies and tbh my childhood would not be the same without them; as i was about 2/3 when
the first book came out so i kinda had to rely on the movies in a way. though i read the books like as soon as i could around 7/8/9 idk i wasn't/am not that smart lol. don't judge
tbh these books and movies will be eternal for me; il always go back to them and they are forever! :)
i thought pt 2 was brilliant.
cinema was crowded as ever but the atmosphere was good.
and i know this is meant to be one of the most faithful adaptations of books but... i still wouldve loved everything to be in there.
IE; r/hr kiss. how hard would it have been to just have them out of the chamber like in the books and for people to have seen.. etc. that's superficial, i know.. another fuckery was that they probs changed it cause they didn't bother
putting any elf story stuff in. ie SPEW... :'(     (although this made hermione annoying as fuck but still..)
obviously the kiss was amazing because how could it not have been but i feel they didnt show it thorougly.. if that makes sense.. like, they zoomed out...
 i guess i kinda was expecting it to be like the j/b eclipse kiss. ;/ 'cause you couldn't see their faces in this. 
on the subject of kisses -- i swear ginny is like a friggen.. idk. the movies did ruin harry + ginny for me - 'kissing him like never before'?!
hahahah, NO.
but i do love ron and hermione in the movies and they are the ones for me so it's all good :3
on the subject of superficiality hahha, and how shallow i am.. i thought many people looked at their best in this movie.
the trio loooked hot and really grown up as did draco mmm. also neville. Oh... :3
lots of others looked amazing too but i'm not gonna get into that. 

i'm thinking i am going to wait until i see this a second time before i make full judgement, lol.
im pretty sure i'm seeing it tomorrow and hopefully i will be able to pick up on a few more things, and
be more coherant because at the moment & whilst watching it for the first time i was pretty overwhelmed, haha.
i dunno, just wanted this to be something i could look back on like all my journal entries, and yeah.
this does mean a lot to me, and all i can think of is HP at the moment.. don't want this to end!
so i will be back tomorrow possibly next day for my full thoughts. i have to write them down somewhere ahaha.
at the moment, rereading DH. x x

i saw it for a second time! obviously it was just as amazing if not more second time around!
first time seeing it i didn't feel well, cinema was absolutely PACKED and it was absolutely boiling hot.
well it was more packed than i thought it would be last night but tbh it is a huge film..
idk im gonna start now...
first of all, i'm just gonna say rn that it does kinda get on my nerves the way they split it into two.
i suppose their excuse is it's too long but i swear it's only like a bit longer that HBP..? also i suppose it's to generate more suspense & success. (read money, lol..)
but idk, it just seemed a bit awk, the starting, for me. like, and also the way they had to go over everything that had happened in pt 1. i hated the way they explained everything too.
like, why would people go see pt 2 anyway if they hadn't seen 1. ugh. i got the idea that maybe the explaining was for younger viewers ..
but then again i wouldn't have been able to understand any of it if i was like 9.
it's for older children, end of, imo... yeah so i felt the beginning and just the way it like.. cut to it was kinda odd..
it felt like there was no buildup, but obvs the buildup was in pt 1.. it just felt like it was all battle, but obviously can't complain -- i think i would have done better if they had been shown back to back, lol. i think when i get the DVD i'm going to watch one after another lol otherwise itll just be annoying..
as i said before, soo many of the characters looked flawlesss...
i think if harry took the glasses off he'd be just as flawless hahaha but he's not him without them. anyway why am i so shallow?!?!? i apologise.
i'm no critic of acting..(?) or whatever but i thought everyone did an amazing job tbh. i bet everyone else is saying the acting wasn't up to scratch but i don't see how, they were brilliant imo.
k i'm just gonna get down to it..
the flowing from burying dobby (sob!) in pt1 and then going back to the same spot at the start of 2 was nicely done,
as just as a little reminder. although, i remember in the book being a little.. not bored, but just, fed up as to a lot of the stuff that followed immediately after dobby's death.
i swear there wasn't that much kinda stuff for dumbledore! or maybe i am forgetting (it's been years since i read the books..), but idk. actually, i think back then dobby just annoyed me a little bit? like, i think it stemmed from me being soo annoyed with him in CoS (i was young, no judging hahah) when he stopped harry from going to school -- i just thought that was horrible of him. obvs my tiny little brain didn't properly realise that it was 'for harry potter's own good' omg as if i am quoting here... :'( gonna cry in a  minute.
but yeah, i think that still translated into the fact that i didn't really want l loads of dobby-is-dead-crying-sad-scene in the film. but that's pt 1! but obviously i've seen the light since i was like 7, and i love dobby now.
now, another thing is, i could have sworn shell cottage belonged to tonks' mother and father? (there is probably a v reasonable explanation for this in the books but as i said -- long time no see..) and they were no-where to be seen. actually, it's probably just the silly producer not putting them in for some random reason or the next.. not majorly important but did pop into my head.
the conversation with griphook  -- the first thing i really noticed was that ron and hermione were standing away, like right by the door. they're not just some acquaintances of harry's who just happened to be there; they're in it with him. 
that kind of annoyed me. plus it happened again with ollivander. they could have just sat on the bed or something. they're with him, fgs! i suppose it was sort of ~symbolising the way that they will always be there but ultimately neither can live while the other survives' and it's ultimately harry.
so yeah, that irked me but tbh the movies could never be perfect imo unless they were completely canon compliant and they basically put in every little detail from the book. then it would be like 6hrs.. i wouldn't complain!
breaking into gringotts was amazing! i'm just gonna say now that loads of scenes weren't the same as the book which kinda annoyed, because small details -- like their CLOTHES are easy to sort, aren't they? i know it's petty but i like detail being there...
i loved the breaking into the vault scene also, and when they broke out, THE DRAGON!
 but, another of my petty views -- im sure in the book (i'm still rereading, it's been a while..) that none of  them took polyjuice potion. so why was hermione disguised as bellatrix? :/
kinda petty but it does stand out but i suppose it was there for like entertainment  and to get the actress more screentime..
the dragon -- it was so qt! the way it got it's revenge on it's captors! it was precious!
the scene where it just breathed in the air for a few seconds when it got out! so lovely. also being in 3D was amazing, as it made the whole gringotts scene more amazing.
i would've liked a bit more dragon flying close-up action but i guess it's hard to produce..
thought the bit where ron and harry stripped off (wow that sounds odd writing..), was a little clue to how the series has grown up tbh. i didn't see hardly any little kids at the cinema and i think that's the way it should have been. like, nothing against them (okay, maybe i am a bit prejuidicial..) but in my defense at a young(ish) age like below 10 maybe, i would have had no clue as to what was happening tbqh.
anyway, yeah. more grown up, in a good way. gives a nod to all us teenagers/adolescents/young adults out there!
this is turning out to be less of a 'review' more of a my thoughts on the whole HP 'debacle' hahaha!
so yeah i think they showed how the cast has matured mainly the trio but also others. 
 i am forgetting what happened now! as im rereading it is so confusing to talk about the movie esp as it's part 2. and the book of course isn't split into parts and dgldflgjdf my brain gets messed up. maybe i should just not write this until i have finished rereading dh. ah but that's impossible! 
okay. i could probably rewatch some of in on here but that just seems like.. wrong, in a way. besides, hp neeeeds to beat twilight (read every other movie) so i should just be going back to the cinema when i feel like watching it again tbh!
okay...   i feel like such a bad fan, but for real i was getting my facts confused about the sword. like, it has been such a timeee since i read dh and yeah. i still feel like a failure D: basically i need to read over a few things but i think the main reason is bc of it being split into the 2 parts and that's confusing me! as pt 1, 2 AND the book is swirling around in my head! and it's confusing. but i suppose, im glad they didn't dumb it down (too much!), so really, you do have to have read the books and this proves that. makes me happy bc i think people try and be lazy and not read the books and see the movies and tbh... it's not the same and i hope people find that..
(ot but i am listening to the soundtrack(s) at the minute and lily's theme is so haunting and sad. omg.) 
okay...  bit of a disclaimer here, i do love the way it's split into two parts , it is good, although tbqh i would sit through it if they had put EVERYTHING in down to each detail and it was 4hr+! - but i do love like.. the less battle-y scenes. like, ofc, i love that they defeated voldemort, and in the book i loved the battle of hogwarts, and yes i do realise that all that came up in pt 1 -- but i still missed like.. more non battle-y scenes in this movie. i felt there was like, not much of a buildup but ofc that was pt 1, so in a way, the two parts do flow on and this is visible. idk, i guess i just .. the movies will never be as good as the books to me! which is evident as i don't know if that is the aim for page-to-screen adaptations? either way i did just feel something.. else when i was reading the books that wasn't there in the movies. i guess it's imagination, really.
i have this odd theory thing.. well it's not a theory.. but in all the released pics/posters and general publicity for the movie, the characters are generally wearing clothes in which -- idk how to say this, - they are doing the 'best' or main scene in. and from seeing all the posters and pics from this movie i knew that when the characters were in those clothes it would sort of be the end, and the main scene. so for this movie i knew that when harry was in that jacket and hermione in the pink hoodie and denim jacket and ron was in the stripy jumper, -- that would be the 'end'. which was soo odd because that was like half an hour into the movie!
i don't know whether this is a bad or good thing but yeah...
with the scene at aberforth's o m g . so much backstory (essential, and amazing, imo!!) was missed out about dumbledore and his family and stuff. they brushed on it but this is where i am torn between liking the fact that it means people may be persuaded to read the books and the fact that it's not adding all the amazing details from the page. i, for one, loved reading about dumbledore's earlier life and his family and i missed it.
also, another thing that i don't particularly like about movies is that it sort of dimishes your imagination. like, when reading the books (i am mainly talking about hp here, bc it's so big to me, but happens with other movies too,) you have your own visuals and how things look in your mind and in films it's just a few people and their imaginations, almost, supplanting those visuals. /: im being nitpicky here imo but yeah...
plus all the stuff about dumbledore and grindelwald. that comes under his earlier life but just wanted to specify. ugh. /:
i'm sounding so negative but i did love this movie mostly. well, i have mixed feelings but yeah it is my favourite -- the whole of deathly hallows both parts are..
so yeah but idk what the whole thing about aberforth being all 'youll find out' and random suspense?!? like, was something scary supposed to come out of the passageway? and the way when ariana was walking back, the neville was hidden behind her. and it was meant to be all ~scary?!? random imo and trying to make it scary when it's just.. not meant to be & odd.
although i was suitably creeped out because i thought something sinister was going on and then i thought , what?
i liked when neville, harry, ron and hermione walked through the passageway and everyone was there. but if i remember correctly neville was like 'look whos here' and harry like stepped forwards and everyone clapped. BUT RON AND HERMIONE WERE BEHIND. like, he may be the 'chosen one'~ but they are just as good if not more. /; ties in with the start were ron and hermione just stand at the door. like, they are involved!
ginny and harry were qt but tbh can't ship them too much in the movies cause they kinda murdered them for me...
i just want to interrupt this to say something super quick. i've come to a realisation about this movie and now come to think of it all of them.
they miss out many of the themes, and many of the backstories -- just to get to the 'exciting' bits - the action, which draws people in and keeps their attention.
that's why, the main theme of love, and the power of it and also important (imo, they are!!) backstories, that possibly only people, (true fans tbh) who have read the books think are important. most moviegoers just want stuff that is easy to understand and digest and watch (which is why i think movies are dumb people's books -- ways of knowing books without reading them) which imo is really a travesty because people who don't read miss out on sfm. /:
so yeah, come to realise that they DID miss out a lot of stuff like emphasizing love being the strongest magic of all, and how harry could always defeat and would always defeat voldemort bc he understood love so well and voldy (lol) couldn't. + they missed out huuuge chunks of snape (PUT IN END about princes tale..)



philosopher's stone 1997 -  APPROX AGES - 2
chamber of secrets 1998 - 3
prisoner of azkaban 1999 - 4
goblet of fire 2000 - 5
order of the phoenix 2003 - 8
half blood prince 2005 - 10
deathly hallows 2007 - 12


philosopher's stone 2001 - 6
chamber of secrets 2002 - 7
prisoner of azkaban 2004 - 9
goblet of fire 2005 - 10
order of the phoenix 2007 - 12
half blood prince 2009 - 14
deathly hallows pt 1 2010 - 15
deathly hallows pt 2 2011 - 16

annoyingly i really cba to work out the EXACT age i was but this is pretty correct..
i'm going to do a 'through the years..' vlog series on my yt and HP is a prominent part -- wanted to talk about it etc... :3

First off.
in the title bar it says screwing up. well, i am too. blackberrys do my head in. the little noise. also, that little noise signifies, that i have not, in fact, got a nice little message, but the horrible, aggravating, just revolting thing called the BROADCAST.
i have been getting so many. i added a massive bunch of people which brought my contacts up to like 50. and then i had to delete a bunch of people because ALL.THEY.DID was broadcast me. jesus, get a life?! it's almost as bad as those chain mails that are on the internet. it's seeping into EVERY ASPECT OF TECHNOLOGY, and it needs to kindly gtfo. i just can't stand the crap.
some of it is like 'if you dont bc this you ARE SICK' and shit. no, im not, i just dont like that crap coming through all hours of the day.
also, damned annoying; 'SFTBC' my ass are you! sftbc if anyone... I CAN'T........ !
anyway, that wasn't what i mean to rant on about ahha. /csb... my blackberry just seems pretty screwed. yesterday hardly anything worked, the internet didn't work, or any apps, (even though all wifi was on, connected to the router etc..) and it said all my bbms were 'delivered' (D) but apparently they didn't get 'read' (R) so how does that work? ergh. seems bbms are back to normal today, and texts.. but internet not! /: ugh so infuriating as ive only had the phone a couple of months. pretty ridic..

prom is on friday. i went searching for a clutch bag/bag yesterday and found one in new look! it's gorg, sparkly silver but tiny! tbh im not going to be carrying hardly anything so i think it's fine. i still had a massive dilemma about shoes. right, shoes. all this ankle business. i went shopping for shoes like a couple weeks ago say a month, any my ankle was almost ok, and i thought, it'll be alright, ill just have to practise a lot. fast forward to a couple weeks later, and the physio says i should wear them, (in so many words..) well she said "i cant say yes" which was a pretty dumbfuck thing to say imo. /: so i was all :( but then i thought, fuck it, what the hell am i going to do i can't go... you see my dress has been modified bc it was waaay too long with AND without heels. (the heels i bought were like 11cm heels!)  and theyre friggin gorgeous... but i decided i couldnt wear them. too risky tbh.
so id already bought a pair of.. (pretty low, imo but my mom thinks they are a big heel haha.. i guess they are) espadrille wedges.. like, nothing fancy at all, just some pretty shoes you would wear in the daytime. (what i was planning to wear them for - summer holiday..) but then i thought, they are more stable than the thin (almost stilletto-like) heels and lower so wear them. all set to wear them (even though they are not completely ideal as they still slope pretty much a lot and thats putting my foot in a strange position..) and yeah. practised and im okay.
so yesterday went to get the clutch bag and i saw these shoes! (backstory.. few days ago id had a brainwave whilst in bed - ik what youre thinking..- and.. FLATFORMS! i thought, YES, these shoes are the PERFECT idea! they give you height but are basically flat, so won't fall over! yeah, easier said than done. couldnt find any in any localish shops.. topshop they would have done, -weren't perfect flat- but were like 130£/$ and sold out..... found prospects on ebay and amazon but they were from overseas and stuff and wouldve taken 5-7 days.... and i needed them within 5. :'( + pretty expensive too and they weren't that high but they wouldve been perfect. /: & flat and everything..) anyway saw these and they arent flat but they have a big platform running all the way to the front, so not that much slope! waay more stabillity! so yeah they are as high as the first heels (!) -we'll see how that goes! but they are wedges and big platform so more
stable ! :) 
so yeah. i had 3 prospects.. properly decided now but if i feel different on the night.. (probs won't..) then idk. ill just have to wear the shitty espadrilles.. well they're not shitty but they aren't for prom/a night outttt :l
i just have to walk like, super carefully. tbh i would still be like that even without the ankle ~issue tbh. just not AS careful cause tbqh i am a pretty careless person AT TIMES.
like.. things distract me, okay? like the fact that i've been off this post for like 5+ hours.. and just come back on to finish it off! xD
 also, regarding prom..
i got invited to a car.
and i dnw.
mainly because iirc there's two girls and two guys. like, how fucking awkward is that?! they are basically going to be going as couples.. like, they are going to have photos as couples.. probs walk around like.. together and shit. even though they aren't going out.
and i just think i'm gonna look hella awkward... and yeah. like the third wheel, x5, because they will just be .. together. and i won't. i just don't wanna look desperate.. even though maybe i am?
and then i tell myself to fucking get over it and do i want my parents to friggin have to drop me off? no.
so i will just have to deal..
it's this car apparently called a 'daimler' ..yeah i only got invited like a week ago.. and i've googled it but it came up with like 5 diff cars wtf? i think it's mainly like a wedding car, well the kind they usually have.
can't describe it haha.
but maybe without the ribbons? um i hope it's white though. idek why.. just like if it's maroon that's just.. wrong. or like.. just weird..
i think it's pretty cheap not like a limo with drinks and tv, snacks and shit but it's £20 apparently. so £20x4 is like.. £80 so yeah.. not too expensive.
which doesn't actually mean anything but maybe it won't be that nice a car..?
fuck it. it's at least a car that i'm going in with people so i don;'t look completely desperate and sad/lame.
my mom was all for it & enthusiastic as per. -_-
she'll probs tell my dad can't believe she hasn't already tbh and that will be a lecture and a half,
spurring like 2 hours each day till the prom.. omg..
also yeah. the dress is gorg. so haven't got TOO much to worry about.. know which jewellery i'm
wearing.. actually got to find a bracelet.. and just set it all out and stuff. :3

so life is..okay
my mum said i need like.. a project over the summer (:/)
and suggested photography/taking photographs and stuff.
photo journal..
been trying to do it but my camera fucked up yesterday. it turned itself off or i think i did and the lense
stayed out. urgh piece of shit.
ankle has started damn hurting after excersises. that can just jog on..

alsoo, booked summer holiday FINALLY!
we're going to mainland spain, moraira which is a lovely little town which we visited year before
last (:
so looking forward to that and plus it's a pretty nice villa with private pool and 3 bedrooooms ;3
means separation from my sister which is good.
also sea views and can;t wait to get into my lovely new summer clothes!
just to let you know i'm not bragging about any of this..
i might start making some of my.... coherent shall we say.. posts public..
even though no one even would read this although i;m sure i have like a few friends from years
back? ;/

16 June 2011 @ 01:07 pm
im making this most open & unlocked because i am happy.. haha

i finished my exams!
i actually finished on tuesday, had two, each at different times of the day which was hard but i knew at the end of the day it would all be over.
it's a good feeling, i just wish i was able to enjoy it more.
i was going to post then but i had visitors overrr.. my grandparents and stuff, and yesterday i had to do stuff in the morning and then hospital :'(
but i am getting better, i just wish this hadnt have happened now.
september, october novemeber any of those months. even february or january or march or just anything but now /:
anyway this is supposed to be a happy post!
i am soo lucky to have finished this early on, because a lot of people have until the end of june.
 alsoo, im going to cornwall on friday (tomorrow) and this is like just a chill holiday straight after my exams.
GCSEs are/were a bitch but i never have to do those fuckers again. ;D
also im enjoying my parents nagging the hell out of me, they cant say anything now,... ugh apart from exercises for my ankle. did i spell that right? it looks really odd. exercises. hmm. haha.
soo yeah, im looking forward to cornwall tomorrow! :) it'll be nice to get out of here for a while and i might even be able to forget about all of this...